Sunday, April 14, 2013

My Scraps and More Sunday Card Challenge

My Scraps and More Sunday Card Challenge is to make this fun card.
We all make cards but so often forget to change up the shape or style and
there are so many easy things that you can do.

On this card I took the standard base and folded the front in half.
I then covered with 2 matching prints.
On the left side only I used Kreaxions circle cutter to take out a
small circular ring from the centre line to the bottom centre line.
That leave just a very small out ring which allows the card to fold
and pop out.. Really easy but just slightly different touch.

From there you accent to your choice.
I chose the fabulous Just Imagine Butterfly template which 
I then punched with Kreaxions #301 in 3 different spots to add
texture and depth to the wings. A touch of stickles for sparkle and then
apply to the card.. glueing only half the wing down on the
right side so the left side swings free with the half circle ring.

On the upper section I also used Kreaxions punch # 604 smaller butterflies.
I added an inner ring to showcase the inner circle with the SRM sticker sentiment,  
 added some Robin's Nest dew drops and just a touch of doodled stitches.
So everyone out there.. I challenge you to make a card.. copy my design exactly or make your
own but spice up you cards with just an easy fun design.



LisaM said...

Beautiful card Bev!

Unknown said...

Just gorgeous, Bev and as always, a wonderful tutorial!!!