Saturday, December 31, 2011

My Memories Digital - Top 10

Hi .. so today i thought i'd play along with My Memories and do their challenge to share my TOP 10.
Well this has been the most challenging digital page I did so far. Putting so many things on 1 page is a task but sizing to fit all 10 was a big job.
So after setting up the background first .. then adding and sizing top 10 and adding some accents I was sure about my original background so I have 2 different ones here.
Would love if you tell me your choice and why in the comment section. I have broad shoulder and you can tell me anything .. I love to hear and improve on things when told how, when, where and why?

I am back.. just playing some more.. and I think this one is even better.... slight adjustments to shadows, title and the major change to background changes it up totally.


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