Thursday, November 3, 2011

Terrifically Thrilling Thursday and the Peek a Boo Card

Good morning. I know we have used the Kreaxions Circle Cutter so many times .. but it's so nice to share with you all the neat things that are so easy to do when you use it. Here is my Peek a Boo Card.
Using the Kreaxions Circle Cutter I made the window.
Then I misted the whole front before I decorated the card going through the peek hole too.
Then I cut the matching circle but a bit
bigger to frame it from the inside.
I then cut a bigger thin circle frame to add to the front and many
other circles to accent the card.
Adding more cute accents finished the front.

On the inside I did the thin circle frame. added the cute felt bug, some more
circles and added some freehand doodling.
It really is so easy .. but fun .. makes a cute different style card.
Hope you have a great day.


1 comment:

LisaM said...

Pretty card Bev!

thanks for the tips on using the circle cutter last weekend, I used it tonight for my peek-a-boo card and it works so slick! Hoping to finish it tomorrow.