Thursday, June 28, 2012

Many Projects from June. Such a busy Month.

I have been so busy that I haven't kept up my blog post and I love to share all my projects because they all have photos that tell a story. Family come here when they have time to see what I have been doing with photos of their lives. It would have been fun to put them in a slide show but that would have taken time so just adding them below for your viewing. Some OR most of them are part of my challenges from the month of June and will add the info when I get time.

As you can see I still haven't developed a distinct style. I still just go with
the flow and create what ever stikes my fancy at the time. I don't scrap
chronilogically either. Photos and or paper or challenge dictate what
I put together at the time. I even thrown in a few cards to view.


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Unknown said...

wow Bev, you have been super creative! so inspiring!