Thursday, February 7, 2013

Scrapbook Steals with more HEARTS GALORE

Hi and welcome back today to "HEARTS GALORE"
with me at Scrapbook Steals How To'sday continued.

I have been sharinge lots of fun crafts using hearts of different sizes, shapes and textures.

Next up is Iris Folded Heart and I made it into a card.
Here is detailed instructions on making Iris Folded images of so many shapes.

It also shows you how to make these using paper (folded  over). I however have
made the paper ones and thought for a change that single runs of ribbon not folded would
also work .. so that's what I did for this one.

You can follow the detailed instructions of the link above or make your own.
I started with the heart drawn above and cut the shape out.
I then followed the design in the link and taped down my ribbons as per below.

Just remember to leave space around the outside to trim and finish your project.

When finished you turn over your project, trim it and decide how you want to use it.
I put this on my finished card above but it would make a great framed piece on a layout also.


 Last up is this fun card I called Diamond Folded Heart. I got the idea when
I saw it done at Christmas with the shape of a xmas tree.
 That shape however was really easy to figure out. 
After much playing with the heart pattern I made the stencils for you to make one too.
Print this sheet at 8 1/2" x 11" and it should work to follow along and make yours.
The cut lines are solid and the dotted lines are the folds.
It also is best to do the main piece out of a print with a white back side.
The heart is sized to cover the other folded diamond heart.
Start by laying the pattern above on the print paper with white backside.
Using a ruler and exacto knife cut only the solid V lines.
Then fold the coloured side forward to white side.

Mat the backside of the diamond shaped heart with and accented colour.
Tape it to the back to hold it in place.
Also using the stencil cut the heart shape frame piece. I used white but
you can make your heart any colour combo you feel you'd like.

This photo shows my white frame and the solid piece is my card base.
After all this is organized I then cut another heart frame to accent and added other
accents, a sentiment, some bling and even added a stamped bird.
Thanks for joining me today.. I really had a great time creating these HEARTS GALORE
to share with you.


Lanette said...

Super Cute!!! Great Idea!

Barbara Bruder said...

Love your hearts. The diamond folded heart is my fav but I still love Iris folding. Both are very eye catching. TFS

Debbie P said...

Love these hearts Bev! Very clever! Very pretty!

LisaM said...

Both are fabulous Bev!

Katie said...

Very cool techniques!

The Gov. said...

TFS! Very creative!