Monday, January 7, 2013

Organizational Bins with Square 1 Design Masterpiece

Hi ... Bev here today with Square 1 Designs and I have an organizational tip to share with you. I have lots of papers, bills, info sheets and they all need attention, paying or filling. They also come with different needs of attention. Very Important now and when you have time or filling away... so using these great size plastic bins from the Dollar Stores made it easy to separate and file things until I could get to it.
In order to keep things straight I traced and hand cut, cricut cut and computer printed some titles to apply to my bins for sorting the many piles of paper I need to attend to.
My captions are - High Priority - needs Atttention - follow up.
I used Square 1 Masterpiece special color collections which are 12' x 18" sheets of custom colors designed and coordinated by Megan Elizabeth.  I mixed it up a bit.. using red/yellow, navy/red and black/navy. Each bin also has a custom acent with the Title.. just getting alittle bit creative was fun and so easy.
This first bin  I traced on the back side of the
 Square 1 Masterpiece....
 and then hand cut the arrow and letters... not everyone owns cutting machines but they can still get creative with regular scissors.
 This bin the letters are cut with cricut using the Blackletter cartridge.
Alot easier with the machine but like I said .. not everyone owns one...
 they still can use this product too.
These letters touch each other for a different style.. they are created on the computer.
You have so many more fonts from the computer  to choose from.
It is then saved and the art is flipped so  the letters are backward
so I could print on the back of the 8 1/2 " x 11" sheet that I custom cut from the big sheet.
It was then hand cut with scissors.
 When all done here is my 3 bins titled to make sorting easier
 and all were made with a different technique.

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