Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Stamping to Stitching Tutorial

We are going to take a layout and apply a stamped flourish which will be sewn with embroidery floss and I added beads.
Some of us have stencils for marking and piercing but today I'll show you how to take any stamped image and apply the piercings from it to a layout for design to stitch.
Here is my layout in unfinished state.

NEXT you isolate the area you'd like to stitch on.

THEN using a stamp design you mark it on the white paper.

PLACING this white paper on top of the layout .. you get the proper placement before you pierce the design.

PIERCE only the sections you prefer.. your choice.

STITCHING from one point to the other leaves a space between each stitch which is fine.. just up and down.
When at the other end work your way back now through the missed stitches.. really easy.
NOTE: if you like to add beads .. do this as you get to the spot you want beaded.
Here is a CLOSE UP of stitching.

AND here is my finished layout.

Now get out those stamps that have great design for stitching...Can't wait to see what you make.


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SusieJ said...

This is wonderful Bev..and a great tutorial...I have lots of flourish stamps that I could use! Thanks for the inspiration.
Hugs xx