Friday, July 15, 2011

A Blog Award

A Blog Award

Many thanks to Susie who sent me this award.

The rules are that I must share 7 things with you about myself and pass the award on to 8 other bloggers (who must then do the same).

So here I go...
1. I love my new found scrappy friends
2. My old friends are fabulous but they don't scrap
3. Family is #1 to me... precious memories past and present
4. I love winters in Florida
5. Summers spent at the cottage are perfect
6. I would love to upgrade cameras and computers every year (teehee)
7. I am retired and love it

And now for my 8 recipients:
1. Melissa who started my scrapping in the first place
2. Lisa who taught me all I know about copics
3. Lisa M who is the most thoughtful, dedicated and true online friend
4. Ginni my friend away from home
5. Nicole who is the chattiest of friends who spear heads where I visit daily
6. Jolanda who is one of my creative friends who has the best layers of beauty ever
7. Ally who introduced me to the best online scrappy places and I've never looked back
8. Lucy who made us a home away from home online

Hope everyone has a great weekend... hugs Bev

1 comment:

SusieJ said...

It's thoroughly deserved Bev - you feel like a real friend to me not just in cyber space.
Love the 7 facts.:)
Hugs xx