Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Off the Rails - Card Background using masking tape and ink pads

Hi .. welcome to Off the Rails Scrapbooking today. I am sharing this simple easy way to make a card background using masking tape and ink pads. Cut your background cardstock base. Taking a width of masking tape wider than the card (so you have finger room to hold on to both edges...  pad the masking tape onto the ink pads soaking up the ink to the shade you like. A little or a lot .. it's your choice. Then lay across your cardstock base padding down .. then gentle pat across from one side to the other.... peel off tape immediately but carefully.

Your colour options are so huge and you can mix and match to your liking. I am showing 3 colours in rows on my photo above.

Fill the full background cardstock base for do some long and some short.. lots of options again to vary your project.

After finishing my background I created the card design for the front layer. I used TCW life remembered stencil and some of the same ink colours from the background. I matted it for depth, added some mesh, a tied key and added some brads to the upper corner. All the fun accents were perfect for my card.

Thanks for stopping by. You will be able to use this technique on cards.... but sure you could add some sections on a layout page also. Take time to try this..... you'll love it.



Carole Wright said...

Fabulous x

Donna Rudy said...

Cool way to create a background! Thank you for sharing.

Murphy's Law said...

Love how you created that background. Very fun. BL

Elisa Ablett said...

love this card Bev!! really love the colour combo!! BL