Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Altered Item into a Shaker

SWAT   today has my post sharing an altered item that
 I changed into a shaker which are so much fun.
Here is a photo of the Jillibean Soup Packaging for the corrugated shapes.
 It is perfect to make a shaker. The plastic dome is perfect but also today 
I am using the background shaped piece. 

Carefully take apart with as little ripping as possible.

I decorated the background packaging of the Jillibean Soup. 

Add the beads to the clear plastic .. I found this the easiest way. 
This way you can add the glue to the edge and flip the other piece on top
 centred within reason with a quick slide to centre it if necessary.

Loved the sports theme on this one.. it will make a great guy card,
 birthday card or just for fun project.
Cover the back side and add the sentiments.

It was so much fun I made another one which I totally papered
 covering the whole background first. I then added some cute accents, 
a banner and a sentiment. After using the same process to add the beads 
I added an accent on the outside to finish it off. 

Hope you enjoyed this today. Take inventory of your packaging of some
 of your scrappy items. How many more of them come in this type of packaging. 
Some of those small kids toys come in plastic domes also. 
Save them and make some of these cute shakers.


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