Thursday, October 24, 2013

Just Imagine Crafts and lots of circles

Just Imagine Crafts has the most amazing and best ever Kreaxions Circles Cutter.
It was perfect to use for all these circles that create this cute tree card.

The original idea is from my dear Friend Scarlett Symone and she supplied the main stencil
of the tree below. You add your trunk and accent and then start cutting many
sizes and colours of circles which you start glueing on and adding in layers to fill the tree. 

You have to cut this again to make the main frame of the card.. so folding paper in 
half .. lay the stencil to the left side of fold so the 2 left circles are NOT cut apart... 
and are the hinge to open the card.
The finished front is glued to the main frame after it's all done.


Here is a 2nd sample of this fun tree card... more circles in the form of gel dots and buttons on this one.
Thanks for stopping by and hope you enjoyed the tutorial for the tree card .
And thanks Scarlett for such a cool and fun idea to make this card.

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