Sunday, April 29, 2018

Foam Flowers created using your Heat Gun..... making creating so much easier....

 The newest thing out right now is foam for creating flowers.... and I am using LeCrea Flower Foam and it is amazing and easy to use. There are some fabulous tips, videos etc on how to use it already popping up online... BUT I experimented with making these flowers using a heat gun and it is so simple... and less time than so many other methods. Be sure to experiment on your own and I'd love to hear from you all what you find out and what works best. All these projects are foam heated using a heat gun.... even easier than you can imagine. When you start to heat them they start shinking and pull gun away even if it looks flat... it should curl ... if not heat a touch more. I use an awl with point to hold centre of the flower while heating(it gets hot but the foam doesn't stay hot... thanks for stopping by... see you again soon.

Many different shaped flowers.. and different leverls in flowers.

Fun thing to do is mold 2 layers down and 2 up for a different appearance.... adding ink to even a colour can change up the shades using the same colour.

You can stamp and then form flowers leaving the markings in tack

These flowers had stickles added for sparkle.... and the leaves have black pen markings.

Using white foam allows you to colour it any way you like.

Mold down for a flatter flower and up for a more in depth flower.

Started with white foam and ink blended the pieces.

So many fabuous way to create using foam. 

Thanks for stopping by today... see you again soon. 
Watch for some of these projects to be posted with more details on how to make them.


KarinsArtScrap said...

wow very beautiful cards and layouts Bev

gr karin

LisaM said...

Loving the flowers and your projects!