Monday, December 31, 2012

After Holiday Blues

Hi .. I am so excited to share the projects you can make with this
amazing Square 1 Masterpiece Product.
I used the 8 1/2" x 11" sheets of printable, repostitionable and removeable paper
I created and printed the above decorator sheet.

This is a plate that sits on my mantel as is all year round but I take them
down at xmas to decorate it with xmas pieces.
I was thinking about this new product and what it could do
so I could use these plates all year round with new accents on them...
and I could take it off and reuse it every year.
I needed a centre circle piece to cover this metal plate and the outer ring was
 perfect fit for the snowflakes I printed to go all the way around the edges.

Here is the centre piece cut and placed into the centre section..
and below is the plate with the added snowflakes.

Here is my finsihed plate that will last through the winter months as the
perfect decor for the season. It looks beautiful on my brick mantelpiece.

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Thanks for stopping by and Happy New Year to all.. have a safe and happy day.


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LisaM said...

Brilliant idea! And oh so cute!