Thursday, June 28, 2012

Terrifically Thrilling Thursday at Just Imagine Crafts/Kreaxions Punches

Hi so how is everyone today. Good I hope
and welcome to Just Imagine Crafts post this week.
So no biggy today .. nothing to jump up and down about...
but it came to my attention when I was
 making this ATC that they are perfect for using punches 
of any kind on regardless of their size. For those of
you that have never made one 
they are baseball card size which is 2 1/2" x 3 1/2".
Adding a punched  border with the
 matting underneath made it pops beautifully. 
ATC's however small
still can accommodate a punched edge.
I used Kreaxions Punch #302 with no inserts.
So keep those punches handy regardless of 
what ever project your working on.
Take care and until next time...


toni said...

hey girl -
what a cute card...
I haven't even started mine; I really need to put my mind to it and get it done. Got to admit I'm a little intimidated by the whole ATC thing, LOL. Can't wait to see you though :)

The Gov. said...

Bev, Can't wait to meet you and the ATC is so darn cute! See you in Houston! :)

Kathleen (Kath) B. Hernandez said...

Thanks for the tip! Your ATC is soooo cute!