Monday, December 6, 2010

Card Challenges @ My Sketch World, Lollipop Crafts, Dutch Dare

Scarlett's Card Challenge was to make a card that would
also pass as a xmas decoration for the tree.
You just cut apart the front from the back sentiment section and
waalaa an ornament... how cool is that.
This one didn't quick work the way I wanted ..
so I made a slide sentiment that goes through
the centre of the ornament.
* I am submitting these Ornaments also to*
Challenge # 92
Cheryl's Card Challenge was to make a woodland and critter
card. This cute paper made a scene with outdoors, trees and
a small town setting and just the cutest little deer.
** I also am submitting the Winter Cards to Lollipop Crafts**
Challenge #19 Welcome Winter
Scarlett's 2nd card challenge was to
create a winter scene... these cute trees and snow people
toboganning and skating with snowflake paper were perfect.
Lucy's Ad Challenge inspired my to make lots
of cricut cut snowflakes. I worked this
monocromatic card all in blues, added stickles for
sparkle and embroidered. Also added metal snowflakes
and a sentiment on layers of background for depth and colour.

Lisa's Card Challenge was to wrap it up and use ribbon and or bow.
I used both and wrapped up the card.
On this one I used a actual photo.

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