Wednesday, June 2, 2010

BeeCeeArtistic Digital Images ... new adventure

Angelica the Angel digital image by Alex
the sketch for this one was from Lucy at My Sketch World

Best Friend Bear digital image
... card by my friend Shelley ... thank you.
Kid Krayon digital Image by TC

If you love these images and what it can look like on
a finished cards be sure to check them out.
You can check out what's new and whats's going on at the
new blog
where I will promote new images and
have sample cards done.
From there you can shop at
the Etsy store.
It's a slow process to start but amazing and fun to see the end result.
Hope you will join me by hopping on over and leaving your comments.
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1 comment:

Pryn said...

Bev this is so exciting!!! A new adventure and your family is involved!!! How perfect is that? I have to get to coloring your images and I will email them to you. I will give you a shout out on my blog too when I am done. GOOOO BEV GOOO!!!