Monday, September 9, 2019

Laserowe LOVE from The Rubber Buggy

Hi... Bev here today at The Rubber Buggy.  I am sharing this 3Waterfall Brag Book to showcase the newest Laserowe LOVE Nautical Holidays paper and Chipboard. The mix and match of prints in this collection is amazing... and also has 3 main colour themes to chose from.... it's fabulous.

The Rubber Buggy Products:
To make this brag book you need to have some cardboard... i have been saving the boxes from my cereal and other household items that have at least 10" x 11" to cut from.... and some slightly smaller too.

The outer cardboard cover and side piece are covered in prints.

The inside is filled with amazing waterfall cascades to hold lots of photos.

The fronts are decorated to what ever theme you want to add photos too. The list of ideas for gifts etc is endless. Detailed instructions will be available soon.... thanks.

Thanks for stopping by... hope to see you again soon

.... but in the mean time be sure to stop by the STORE where these items and so many others are available. Also take note of all the products that aren't carried in our regular local stores. ... AND the service is A1.