Monday, May 26, 2014

SRM 2015 Calendar

Making a year calendar is so much easier to create when you start with the fabulous
premade SRM calendar base. Blank starter pages make it so easy for you to
 add months and dates that go with the days of the week.

I used a TCW template to paint on some clocks on the front page.

Then using SRM stickers I added a few different ones to decorate the cover.

Each month has lots of SRM stickers starting with 
the month along with a few extras.
Each page has a great  photo with even more
SRM stickers to celebrate the month.

Some of the months has SRM stickers that suit the specific
date and celebration... 14th  heart is perfect for Valentines Day.

As you want to add more celebrations to calendar you 
can add even more stickers.

Many months have special occasions besides just Birthdays.

Be sure to check each month for some ideas to decorate your own calendar.

Birthdays are hand written in.. and maybe even their age.

The stickers come in sheets to celebrate lots of themes for the year.

Some great theme stickers were perfect addition to the photo part of the calendar.

In the page above .. I used the fun SRM tags as an accent.

Some themes you would love are Easter, Halloween, Christmas to mention only a few.

And don't forget Autumn, Spring and Winter themes.

Sure had a great time creating this calendar and am thrilled to share with you.
Check out the SRM store for all the possibilities... and take note of some of the other 
amazing products that they carry too: Tubes, pillow boxes, doilys, bags, vinyl, .. and so much more.

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