Friday, November 2, 2012

Repeated Photos in Backgrounds

My Sketch World and last months sketch of the month for October
allowed me to share a tutorial/tip with you.
Ways to Repeat Photos into Backgrounds.
Here is an amazing link that I used to inspire me.
The article is by Jana Morton and it was amazing and full of
fabulous and beautiful ideas.
I don't have the full knowledge of digital photo editing but she has
inspired me to want to pursue this more... in the near future.
I however was working this month with MSW Lucy's amazing layout sketch
and decided to try at least something a bit different
using photo repeat in my background. My technique by no means touches anything
that Jana shared with us but I really had fun and love my finished page.

Originally I tried printing on photo paper the 2 images together with the backgound one as above
in black n white and the coloured one in front... but on photo paper it just
didn't look right. I then tried this .. printed the black n white on actual
 scrapping paper with totally different texture and colouring. The real
photo is on regular shiny photo paper in colour. I matted the background and popped it up
overlapping the other back ground one. The focus now is back on the coloured one
as it should be with the softer more sutle one in the background only and this sketch
was perfect for this page.  Thanks for stopping by today .....



Debbie P said...

Love your layout! That photo is so adorable! I love how you have it color & b/w! Beautiful job!

Unknown said...

fabulous layout Bev, love the photo repeat!

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