Sunday, January 24, 2010

Weaved Heart Valentine Card-- my 1st Tutorial

Weaved Heart Valentine Card
My 1st ever Tutorial... hope you like it.
The cardstock was glimmer misted using needle craft plastic canvas heart shapes... added some stickers, coloured gel dots and title. The instuctions and photos show you mine way of making the weaved heart using ribbons.

Trace a heart on paper .

Lay the ribbon across with ends extenting outside lines.
Stitch through ribbon on pencil mark back and forth to secure ribbon.

Work your way down right side sewing to secure ribbon...
following pencil marking to form shape of heart.

Once at the bottom turn and go up left side to secure other side of ribbon....
following the pencil marking to form the heart shape.

Now that the outter heart frame is sewn and holding the ribbon firmly in place...
now you can use the smallest safety pin attached to the ribbon
and weave the remainder of ribbon.
Use scotch tape to securely hold the ends in place at either end.

Half the weaving is done.

All the weaving is done and ends secured by scotch tape.

Turn over and zigzag around heart following the stitching already there.
Then trim excess off watching not to catch the stitches.

Front view after trimming.

Zigzag lace trim on and the weaved heart is done.

View of the back after lace stitched on.
Glue the finished weaved heart on card ... and all done.


mustangkayla said...

Wow Bev! That is really cool! TFS!

Deanna said...

Holy smokes, this is awesome!

chris2009 said...

you are a great teacher!!!
looks fantastic

Kristie said...

Oh boy oh boy is that ever SWEET!

DGirlLV said...

This ribbon heart card is fabulous, great tutorial!